Our extensive visual design experience and knowledge of current web design trends will be utilized to structure the content to create a positive user experience. A good visual design helps define the site’s personality. A web designer requires expertise in color, balance, use of white space, typography, user behaviors, and current design trends. Page layouts will be organized in a way that is easy for the user to find information when scanning pages by using headers, short paragraphs, checklists, content boxes, and graphics. Graphic images have an extremely important impact on the look and feel of the site and will be carefully selected for the target audience and to amplify the content’s message. If search engine optimization is an important factor for the business, key search phrases will be determined and the content of each page will be fine-tuned to improve the site’s search engine ranking.

All websites are designed with WordPress, WordPress Themes and plugin extensions for additional functionality, as required. WordPress is utilized in more than 25% of the world’s websites and, in conjunction, with a powerful multi-purpose theme can produce custom designs with professional looking results. The design efficiency of this platform allows for a very affordable and efficient design process.