Domain Selection


An important branding element in starting a new business or establishing your online presence is registering a web address (domain name) – one that [...]

Domain Selection2018-10-20T13:39:22-04:00

Hosting Selection and Setup


Factors in selecting a hosting company include cost, reliability, availability (percentage of time of a year that the website is accessible), and support services [...]

Hosting Selection and Setup2018-10-20T13:38:38-04:00

Visual Design and Layout


Our extensive visual design experience and knowledge of current web design trends will be utilized to structure the content to create a positive user experience. [...]

Visual Design and Layout2018-10-20T18:07:48-04:00

Image Selection and Optimization


Use of graphics and photo images are extremely important in creating a visually appealing website. Selecting images with real impact requires consideration of resolution, [...]

Image Selection and Optimization2021-07-25T19:21:50-04:00

Functionality Options


The options to add functionality to your website are endless. The WordPress theme we utilize has many built-in design elements and features like blog [...]

Functionality Options2018-10-21T15:37:09-04:00

Website Maintenance and Support


For an affordable annual maintenance fee, we maintain your website software, monitor the site for security and performance issues, perform regular backups, and assist with [...]

Website Maintenance and Support2022-08-04T20:38:31-04:00
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