Core Software and Extensions Updating


WordPress, WordPress Themes, and plugin software are continuously updated. Updates add new functionality, fix bugs, and address security vulnerabilities. These updates will be monitored, updated, [...]

Core Software and Extensions Updating2018-10-20T14:35:13-04:00

Security and Performance Monitoring


Websites are under constant attack by hackers. While the core software and the hosting service help prevent hacking, security monitoring software is important to maintaining [...]

Security and Performance Monitoring2018-10-20T14:45:56-04:00

Website and Database Backups


Even if your hosting company and hosting plan offers regular backups, it is a good idea to perform independent backups. We perform regular software and [...]

Website and Database Backups2018-10-20T14:49:07-04:00

Content Updates


Throughout the year you will undoubtedly have updates to the site content, blog posts, testimonials, promotions, company news, eCommerce products, etc. Updates are important in [...]

Content Updates2019-03-25T00:03:57-04:00

Annual Maintenance Plans


Software Updates Backups to Cloud Storage Security Monitoring 4 Hours of Design & Technical Support Additional Support @ $60/hr Recommended for startups and [...]

Annual Maintenance Plans2021-07-25T19:46:53-04:00
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