The Psychology of Color – Yes It’s Real

Website Design

It is well known through science and psychology that color evokes emotions and plays an important role in creating a positive first impression on website visitors. If you know your target audience, colors can be selected that will be more appealing to that audience (e.g., colors preferred by men or women). Color has a lot to do with creating the desired personality of your site (e.g., certain colors represent trust, urgency, or optimism). It is good practice to use a similar color scheme across all your online marketing and printed marketing materials to reinforce your branding. There are useful tools (color wheels, color scheme generators, etc.) for developing schemes with compatible colors.

Here are some of the research study findings regarding color preferences and the emotions that colors evoke.

Color Preferences by Gender

Men’s Favorites: Blue, Green, Black

Men’s Least Favorite: Brown, Purple, Orange

Women’s Favorites: Blue, Purple, Green, Red

Women’s Least Favorite: Orange, Brown, Grey, Yellow

In terms of shades, tints, and hues, men seem to prefer bolder colors while women prefer softer colors.

Colors and Emotions

Yellow = Optimism, Clarity, Warmth

Orange = Friendly, Cheerful, Confidence

Red = Excitement, Youthful, Bold

Purple = Creative, Imaginative, Wise

Blue = Trust, Dependable, Strength

Green: Peaceful, Growth, Health

Silver = Balance, Neutral, Calm