Website Design and Development Services

Orbit Digital Solutions offers reliable and affordable website design services. Our process, technology and experience makes the entire process very efficient. The scope of our services and pricing is outlined below.

Website Design Services

The website design process we follow in developing new websites for small businesses consists of these four basic steps: Define, Create, Design, and Promote. The amount of work and time spent in each step of the process varies due to factors such as the availability of website content/graphics, complexity of features required, and the level of client involvement. The task of building a new website seems daunting, however, with professional help and some preparation, the entire process can be completed in as little as two weeks.

After an initial consultation, we will provide a fixed price quote for the entire website design project. We will work with you closely to develop and review the site development and make as many design adjustments as necessary to ensure your complete satisfaction. Basic five page redesigns or startup websites start at $800.

Domain Selection2018-10-20T13:39:22-04:00

An important branding element in starting a new business or establishing your online presence is registering a web address (domain name) – one that users will remember and type correctly the first time. This is especially important if your website is an important element of your marketing strategy, and in most cases it should be, or if you want to use the domain name as your business email address (highly recommended).

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Hosting Selection and Setup2018-10-20T13:38:38-04:00

Factors in selecting a hosting company include cost, reliability, availability (percentage of time of a year that the website is accessible), and support services offered. Important considerations in configuring the proper hosting services include: the expected volume of web traffic on your site, the need for secure transactions or data transmissions, and the potential need for email hosting.

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Draft Website Staging and Migration2018-10-20T14:19:32-04:00

Typically, a new website or redesign will be drafted on a staging domain so your current website is accessible until the new site is completely drafted, tested and reviewed. Once the draft site is ready to go live, we plan a migration to take place after hours or on weekends. This process can be completed within two hours unless the domain is going to be redirected to a new hosting platform. Moving to a new host can take from 2 to 24 hours.

For a totally new site with a new domain and hosting setup, we typically setup an “Under Construction” page and develop the site on your domain to avoid the migration step. In all cases you will have web access to the draft site for review and testing.

Visual Design and Layout2018-10-20T18:07:48-04:00

Our extensive visual design experience and knowledge of current web design trends will be utilized to structure the content to create a positive user experience. A good visual design helps define the site’s personality. A web designer requires expertise in color, balance, use of white space, typography, user behaviors, and current design trends. Page layouts will be organized in a way that is easy for the user to find information when scanning pages by using headers, short paragraphs, checklists, content boxes, and graphics. Graphic images have an extremely important impact on the look and feel of the site and will be carefully selected for the target audience and to amplify the content’s message. If search engine optimization is an important factor for the business, key search phrases will be determined and the content of each page will be fine-tuned to improve the site’s search engine ranking.

All websites are designed with WordPress, WordPress Themes and plugin extensions for additional functionality, as required. WordPress is utilized in more than 25% of the world’s websites and, in conjunction, with a powerful multi-purpose theme can produce custom designs with professional looking results. The design efficiency of this platform allows for a very affordable and efficient design process.

Assistance with Content Development2018-10-20T13:46:01-04:00

Content is king in terms of website success. A website’s content is the single most important factor in creating great website – it engages users and entices them to take the desired action, for example, buy a product, request a quotation, make a donation, or sell a service). Good content is valuable to a potential user, organized in a way that is easily found and digested, and engaging. Developing well-written content is one of the most time consuming tasks in building a website.

Typical sections of many small business websites include: About the Company, Personal Bios, Services Offered, Products Offered, Specialties, Testimonials, Frequently-asked Questions, Pricing, Promotions, Contact Info and Map, Educational Videos, Useful Links, Forms Download, and an Informational Blog. This list is, by no means, complete and will certainly vary by industry and type of business. It is a good idea to research a wide range of industry and competitor sites to gain an understanding of the standard and best practices, content, and closest competitor designs.

If you are struggling to develop site content, we can assist in the process of gathering draft material.

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Image Selection and Optimization2021-07-25T19:21:50-04:00

Use of graphics and photo images are extremely important in creating a visually appealing website. Selecting images with real impact requires consideration of resolution, size, copyright protection/licensing, color, composition, relevance to your message, and, for images with people, many additional factors like age, gender, and mood. Images may be your own, purchased stock photos, or photos taken for you by a professional photographer.

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Mobile-Friendly Design Optimization2018-10-20T13:56:08-04:00

Based on knowledge of your target audience and website analytics (if you have a current site with analytics), we can determine how important mobile design to the success of your website and design accordingly. Optimized mobile viewing is becoming more and more important in designing a successful user experience. “Responsive” web design is a standard practice, but many considerations go into balancing desktop, tablet and mobile viewing.

Basic Search Engine Optimization2018-10-20T14:03:46-04:00

If your business relies on being found through search engine results, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is critical to site ranking by Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Site ranking by search engines is determined by complicated and ever changing algorithms. A lot of time and effort can go into establishing and maintaining good SEO and the process is never ending. Basic SEO design involves writing content that uses keywords and phrases that would be used by your target audience searching for your products and/or services. We program all pages with a unique keyword/phrase and description (snippet) that will help search engines understand what is important about your business, rank your page, and direct searches to you.

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Functionality Options2018-10-21T15:37:09-04:00

The options to add functionality to your website are endless. The WordPress theme we utilize has many built-in design elements and features like blog posts, portfolios, image sliders, and submission forms. Depending on your specific needs there are many other functions and integrations that can easily be added to the site. Below or just some of these options to consider.

  • eCommerce Store for Online Product Sales

  • eCommerce Store for Sale of Digital Downloads

  • Paid Membership for Monetizing Your Content

  • Support Forums (e.g., Tech Support)

  • Event Scheduling and Registration

  • Live Chat Support Widgets

  • Forms with Conditional Logic

  • Integration with Email Campaigns Platforms (e.g.,, MailChimp, Constant Contact)

  • Integration with Online Booking Systems

  • Social Media Feeds

Website Maintenance and Support

For an affordable annual maintenance fee, we maintain your website software, monitor the site for security and performance issues, perform regular backups, and assist with content and design updates. Maintenance agreements include the following services.

Core Software and Extensions Updating2018-10-20T14:35:13-04:00

WordPress, WordPress Themes, and plugin software are continuously updated. Updates add new functionality, fix bugs, and address security vulnerabilities. These updates will be monitored, updated, and tested on a regular basis. After any major updates, a new backup of the entire site and database will be performed.

Security and Performance Monitoring2018-10-20T14:45:56-04:00

Websites are under constant attack by hackers. While the core software and the hosting service help prevent hacking, security monitoring software is important to maintaining a secure website. We install a security monitoring software plugin that scans the website for malware, monitors for intrusions and failed login attempts, and provides 24/7  alerts of any threatening activity on the site.

Website and Database Backups2018-10-20T14:49:07-04:00

Even if your hosting company and hosting plan offers regular backups, it is a good idea to perform independent backups. We perform regular software and database backups which are store on an independent cloud storage service. The site can be completely restored or migrated from this backup.

Content Updates2019-03-25T00:03:57-04:00

Throughout the year you will undoubtedly have updates to the site content, blog posts, testimonials, promotions, company news, eCommerce products, etc. Updates are important in keeping visitors coming back to the site. Regular updates also help your search engine ranking. Under our annual maintenance contract we will make those updates for you. If you are tech savvy enough to make your own edits, we can also show you how to make the more straightforward changes (not requiring layout and complex formatting).

Annual Maintenance Plans2021-07-25T19:46:53-04:00


  • Software Updates
  • Backups to Cloud Storage
  • Security Monitoring
  • 4 Hours of Design & Technical Support
  • Additional Support @ $60/hr


  • Software Updates
  • Backups to Cloud Storage
  • Security Monitoring
  • 12 Hours of Design & Technical Support
  • Additional Support @ $60/hr


  • Software Updates
  • Backups to Cloud Storage
  • Security Monitoring
  • 24 Hours of Design & Technical Support
  • Additional Support @ $60/hr

Graphic Design Services

Logo Design2021-07-25T19:54:39-04:00

Your company logo is the centerpiece of your branding. If you don’t have a professional logo or need a design upgrade, we can help. A great logo communicates a message and invokes emotion through choice of font, color and design. Our design process will include multiple initial drafts to establish a direction. Additional drafts are then provided to refine the design. Since your logo will be used extensively in your marketing, the end result must be a design you absolutely love. We provide unlimited redesigns to get you there!

Once the design is complete, we provide you with the support needed to produce logo files properly formatted and sized for various print and web applications. Designs are produced with the industry standard design software – Adobe Illustrator and will maintain your original design files for you. Additionally, we can setup on online logo library to facilitate all your design projects.

Examples of Logo Designs Created by Orbit Digital

Custom Graphics2021-07-25T19:31:09-04:00

Custom website designs may require the development of custom graphics to help communicate product or service features and functions. Custom website graphics can also reinforce branding by utilizing custom color and shapes that are consistent with your branding strategy. We have an extensive library of licensed vector graphics that makes the design process efficient and produces professional looking results.

Examples of Brochures, Flyers, Infographics, Banners, and Illustrations

Image Selection and Optimization2021-07-25T19:21:50-04:00

Use of graphics and photo images are extremely important in creating a visually appealing website. Selecting images with real impact requires consideration of resolution, size, copyright protection/licensing, color, composition, relevance to your message, and, for images with people, many additional factors like age, gender, and mood. Images may be your own, purchased stock photos, or photos taken for you by a professional photographer.

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